A FEW OF THE MOST Influential People In The Weed Industry

Over the years, the marijuana industry has been battered from pillar to post. At times, it’s barely even been an industry – but, thankfully, times are changing. Today, we can look at the marijuana industry and see people who are making a genuine difference.

These are people who can make things happen, and who have fought the fight for cannabis through their lofty position as CEO of a company. These are the people we need helping to raise more awareness – and they will, hopefully, play a vital role in the years to come.

Justin Gover

You’ve probably heard of Mr. Gover before. As the CEO of GW Pharmaceuticals, a company using cannabis-based drug derivative treatments for close to twenty years, he has some clout. Indeed, 2016 was a good season for the business – they’ve seen stocks increase more than 100% in early 2016. This leaves the business worth not too much off $2 billion, and tugging substantial clout for the medical marijuana community in general.

The breakthrough in epilepsy medication was a landmark instant, and helped to send GW into the stratosphere – and bringing a lot of goodwill with it. As the world stops viewing cannabis with scepticism, people like Gover could be vital to leading that charge.

Steve DeAngelo

As a powerful investor in the industry, and a long-time supporter of legalization, DeAngelo has seen his influence soar in recent years. He founded the Harbourside Health Center in Oakland around a decade ago, and affirms it’s taken in more than $35m in that time of total annual medical pot sales.

More importantly, though, he’s part of the ArcView group, an investment group that wants to get involved – heavily. As the president of a group that’s spoken of raising more than $70 million for over 100 companies since founding just six years ago, his clout is only likely to increase as the years go by.

Ben Dronkers

Dronkers is a powerful individual within the marijuana industry as the owner of the seed lender Weed Seed Shop and the hemp company HempFlax. His importance to the industry comes in a far more sceptical market, Europe. As the owner of one of the most powerful weed seed shop fronts in Europe, he’s a pioneer for the right area of the world which is now a lot more open-minded.

Having uncovered the need for hemp fibre working as a craftsman of fine clothing through travel and trade in Asia, Dronkers found inspiration for what has turned into a ground-breaking industry in European countries.

His work in not only Weed Seed Shop but also HempFlax will be essential for assisting to improve weed – and crucially, the hemp – industries. So far as his importance to the marketplace goes in offering the best image possible of weed to Europeans, Dronkers is a most positive proponent in most of his life. Few better salesmen can be found, as the western world starts to soften all together (albeit gradually) on weed.

Although some people are making an enormous name for themselves on the market, the three above are becoming prominent for those thinking about the business side particularly. The future, using their assistance, could be very interesting.

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