Build your web presence Lesson 3 of 6

There’s more than one way to establish your home on the web. Understand your options and create an action plan to get online.

Key website ingredients

Key learning 4′

A website contains many parts-build and blend them right, and you’re sure to succeed. In this lesson, we’ll cover:

  • your name
  • the website’s organisation
  • text, photos and other interactive elements.

The best website address for Addie’s business would be: www.kneadtoknowbakery.comHaving the name of the business in the website’s domain name is the best idea for Addie. That way it’s easy for customers to find her online, and also recognise her business in town.A good domain name should be short but also relevant. While Addie’s, i-knead-it and mybakery are all short, they don’t reflect the business name so won’t help customers to find her in the real world.Knead2Know includes the business name but not exactly what the business does. Addie can keep it simple with

Next steps

Visit the websites you look at regularly and create a list of things you’d like to include on your own site. Pay close attention to how the information is organised on these sites, and where the information appears on the web pages.

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