Build your web presence Lesson 4 of 6

There’s more than one way to establish your home on the web. Understand your options and create an action plan to get online.

Websites and your business goals

Key learning 4′

When creating your website, consider how to combine your business goals with what your visitors want. In this lesson, we’ll talk about:

  • using your site to further your business goals
  • thinking like a customer
  • telling your story online.

Addie needs to write in a tone that’s confident but not intimidating.For her business everyday language would be suitable but it may not be appropriate for businesses such as law firms. The tone Addie uses should tell the story of the business and what it offers.The second option uses far too much business jargon. A vision statement might work for a tech startup but for a bakery it’s too confusing. In the description there is no mention of the known fact that the business enterprise is a bakery.Option three results in as arrogant and over confident. It’s trying to provide a sales pitch than clarify how the business could meet the customer’s need rather.

Next steps

Make a summary of a number of your very best customers whom you may be in a position to call on to talk about a testimonial or a tale about how exactly you’ve helped them. You may put in a testimonials or reviews section to your site!

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