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There’s more than one way to establish your home on the web. Understand your options and create an action plan to get online.

Make your website easy to use

Key learning 4′

People to your website can navigate and connect to your site easily – that’s called usability. Bring them again and again by:

  • providing simple and clear navigation
  • creating a constant layout
  • writing relevant and effective content.

People to Addie’s website can find what they want quickly. Addie can do this by utilizing a relative side menu and a search bar. For best practice, these should stay static in the same put on every web page of the web site.Site visitors can make contact with the homepage quickly also. To get a complete lot of websites this is performed by selecting the logo design.About Us information pays to for drawing people in but isn’t needed for each page.

Next steps

Make a summary of things you’d like visitors to do on your website, like find your contact number, fill out a contact form or watch a video. Then, ask a friend or relative (who hasn’t seen your website) to try to accomplish those tasks. If possible, watch them as they navigate your site. Can they do it? Are some areas of the site difficult to navigate? Can you find any places that might be improved?

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