Committed cosplayer spends $14,000 to change herself into Disney

Sarah Ingle, a 25-year-old Colorado indigenous, has taken Disney princess cosplay to a complete new level. The dedicated Disneyphile has spent over $14,000 on 17 amazing individual princess clothes. Each detailed change may take up to 3 hours to improve her from her normal ‘persona’ as a marketing supervisor to anyone from Queen Elsa to her devoted sister Anna.Have a look at her Instagram here

Technically, it is Disney..technically…

But Sarah isn’t doing it for kicks. She uses her admirable commitment to the Disney cause to appear at children’s birthday parties and even retirement homes.

Here she is as Hermione Granger because versatility is key…Naturally, Sarah one day wants to be an actual Disney princess at one their world-renowed theme parks.‘It would certainly be a desire to be a real Disney princess- I’d love to be Ariel. Maybe 1 day I could go for an audition and I could get by them my wish job”.Can’t say she hasn’t done her appointment homework…

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