Connect through email Lesson 3 of 4

Start growing your customer relationships while also converting new prospects through email marketing.

Crafting great marketing emails

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Your email marketing campaigns will change, but the goal remains the same. You want to craft attention-grabbing emails that encourage action. With a few tips, you can market your business like a pro. In this video, we’ll explore how to:

  • use subject lines to make a good first impression
  • write concise content with strong calls to action
  • include helpful links for customers.

The best option uses the customer’s name and an engaging question or intriguing statement to get their attention. It’s also short and snappy.The less effective options (answers 2 and 3) aren’t very appealing. Using lots of pound symbols and exclamation marks can come across as unprofessional and salesy, and lots of email providers will automatically filter those emails straight into the spam folder.

Next steps

Sift through your own email inbox and look at the kinds of email newsletters you receive. Which ones are you most likely to open, and why? Practise writing short and compelling subject lines about your top-selling products using the guidelines mentioned in the video.

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