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Discover how they work, why they’re important, how they’ll impact your business and why they are key to your online success.

Search engine basics

Key learning 3′

Search engines catalogue the Internet to help hook up searchers with exactly what they’re looking for. That makes them a great marketing tool. This video covers:

  • a brief history of search engines
  • how search engines changed business
  • why search is an excellent spot to start.

Se’s allow visitors to look for the goods and services they want, at the complete time it is wanted by them. They are able to also help businesses to focus on the clients who are most thinking about what they’re offering.The mixture of these benefits is why is advertising browsing engines so relevant for some businesses – they can appear exactly when prospective customers want for what those businesses offer.

Next steps

Think about something you’d prefer to research, and try searching on the few different se’s. Compare the total results. Is it possible to find different kinds of information using different se’s?

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