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Discover how they work, why they’re important, how they’ll impact your business and why they are key to your online success.

How search engines work

Key learning 5′

Search engines examine all the webpages on the World Wide Web, categorise them and put them into a logical order when you search for something. Understanding how this works can help your business. This video will cover:

  • how search engines find web pages
  • what they do with the web webpages they find
  • how they decide what to show on search results webpages.

They’re all good ways of making Seth’s website relevant, apart from pasting in content from another site. If plenty of sites use the same content then it will be hard for any one of them to stand out in the search list.How search engines rank sites is their ‘special sauce’ – the details of exactly how this works is a closely guarded secret.However, it’s safe to assume that Seth’s ideas above (apart from the one which suggests pasting content) are more likely to have an optimistic influence on his search presence.

Next steps

Visit a few conditions that interest you, or for the merchandise and services that you sell. What forms of results do the truth is on the search engine pages? Do you see things on top-ranked sites that may describe why they come in such prominent positions? Make a wish set of content you might increase your website, so you’ll have significantly more opportunities to maintain the index, and positioned well search results pages.

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