Get started with search Lesson 3 of 6

Discover how they work, why they’re important, how they’ll impact your business and just why they are fundamental to your web success.

How search engines see the web

Key learning 5′

If you’d like to ensure your website arises in more search engine, stay tuned because of this video, which include:

  • how se’s understand what’s on the web page
  • which elements of a website help search engines do this
  • steps to make your webpages more apparent to find engines.

Using accurate brands for images helps se’s to choose them up when people make relevant queries. Using generic document brands, like image3.jpg, can be counterproductive as they’re improbable to surface in a particular search.Just as, using accurate titles on pages can help websites come in relevant serp’s also.Finally, using the types of keywords that interested people might be searching for – such as ‘good trade’ or ‘cappuccino’ – means that Seth’s website is much more likely to be displayed in their search results.

Next steps

If a niche site is had by you, open a website and view the source code for the page. How? If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser, you can find this by navigating to a web page, clicking “View” in Chrome’s top navigation, then selecting “Developer”, then “View Source”. Can you find your page titles, meta descriptions and images? Are there areas that need improvement?

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Get started with search Lesson 3 of 6

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