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Learn how they work, why they’re important, how they’ll impact your business and why they are key to your online success.

Paid search explained

Key learning 5′

Whenever a person types in an expressed word or phrase on search engines, a summary of results appears with links to webpages and other content related to the search. This total results page is organised into different sections; the adverts are included in this video. You’ll learn:

  • a little about advertising on search engines
  • why advertising on search engines is so effective
  • how advertisers contend for an chance to show advertisements on the search results page.

Paid search ad email address details are targeted at individuals who are already searching for a particular kind of service or product. This implies Seth’s marketing will be observed by individuals who are already more than likely to produce a trip to his shop.Although they support the same content as organically grown serp’s, paid ad results have a different position on the web page. Furthermore, it’s usually clarified to individuals who they are adverts or paid results, so users know these are simply clicking an ad, and there’s no trickery included.A great benefit for Seth is that he’s only charged if users click on the ad, not by how many times it appears in the search results.CongratulationsYou’ve completed the Get started with search

Next steps

The next time you search, take a moment to study the results page. Do you notice any ads? Can you see the correlation between your search and the ads you see on the page?

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