JetPacks Are Finally Real

The jetpacks from your favorite childhood cartoon may finally be real. JetPack Aviation recently exhibited their JB-10 jetpack in Long Beach, California. With twin turbine engines that create over 350 pounds of thrust, the jetpack can reach speeds of over 65 mph and travel at an altitude over 6,500 feet. According to the creators, improvements in sensor technology over the last decade make the jetpack possible. But these jetpacks aren’t for fun just, the US Navy is thinking about developing the technology for rescue and search missions, based on the company’s CEO. JetPack Aviation lately launched an equity crowdfunding advertising campaign to give the general public an chance to invest. They desire to create a far more small jetpack that may be stored in the vehicle of your vehicle and flown with reduced training. As the technology gets close, don’t be prepared to journey to work like George Jetson soon anytime.

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