The online opportunity Lesson 2 of 2

Your digital opportunity

Key learning 4′

It’s never been easier, cheaper or even more beneficial for your business to get online. Don’t be intimidated by the breadth of opportunities in digital. With this video we’ll look at:

  1. the core components of a digital presence
  2. how they relate to YOUR business
  3. how to get started.

By going online, Karl can make his business more visible, and use targeted ads to specifically advertise to local people within a certain distance of his garage. He can have discussions with potential customers and get insights into their behaviour.Being online wouldn’t necessarily reduce the need for customer conversations as Karl’s business entails a lot of face-to-face communication. But it will help people looking for mechanics to find him in the first place.He can modernise his company logo any time – it’s not specifically related to being online.

Next steps

Develop a wish list of your digital presence. What components are you already using? What would you like to add? Start writing down your ideas, and take the first step towards developing a digital plan.

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